Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I am an atheist; now what?

I am an atheist; now what? After we realize there is no god, no afterlife, no eternal soul, and that our morals can come from society, reason, man made laws, what is there?

In religions there is a society, a community of like minded. They are all wrong together, but they are together. Once we become enlightened, what does the atheist society have to offer? Well one can become a firebrand atheist evangelist, carrying the message to the uninformed... or a skeptic that questions everything, and gets lots of things wrong because they have opinions on everything, even that which they know nothing about. They are as full of bullshit as are the religious. There are lots of issues to champion, anything from environment issues, building issues, housing issues, food issues, medicine issues, big Pharma abuses, and the list goes on. But once we know the truth, or as close as we can get to the truth, we make a decision and go forward, there is not a community to go to for support/companionship.

I have not been impressed by any of the skeptics, as they do not do disaggregate analysis, rather like to aggregate everything into big chunks and reject, when in reality most things are partly correct, under some cases.  

There has been many people pushing for a atheist world view, but that is relatively easy to acheive; once we realize there is no evidence of a god, but masses of evidence that others have believed there is/was one. Now we are left without fear to motivate us to be good; we then need to make the choice to be good, and after that need to think through the logic of what is the right choice, not just for us but for all. It is easy to see how easy it would be to make decisions based on money, and among those who are trying to buy influence.

We/I could develop a "philosophy of life" or adopt one, but all the existing are not entirely rational, have limits or exclusions, are so out of date, and or are off putting wrong concepts. The two that come the front runners are Stoicism and Buddhist philosophy. Both have off putting ideas that are just not modern reality concepts or only practical in no communications -almost stagnant societies. Today we are in a overpopulation state, which must play a part in our reasoning. Human life has less value than it did when we were living in a underpopulated world, yet at the same time, we can sustain life longer than we could before, but at what quality of life. Self termination of the elderly must be allowed or even encouraged before suffering. Also abortion should be permitted, as should abortion of any unhealthy fetuses. with no guilt. Termination for murder and the like should be a choice of the convicted, life in solidarity confinement vs self termination or assisted termination.


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