Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free Beer Tomorrow

Free beer tomorrow is a British Pub come on slogan for the gullible.  Who would be that gullible? Well there are religions built on like after death. Is that not the same?

Secular concepts have grown, religions are dying, I hope.

Self loathing, thinking not good enough, not smart enough, not willing enough, not energetic enough, is started by parental criticism, and then we build on that as youths, never enough, and competing with our peers. If there are thirty people in class, unless you are the top three, you are not good enough. Religion beats on us more. All this is just abuse on our egos, which are there for our protection, well maybe.

The ego is a construct of the thinking mind. Well we can never be the best at everything, and easily not the at anything, but I is all I have to work with. Even the I cannot stand myself splits me in two, so there is a 50% chance I lose.

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