Saturday, April 14, 2012


Acceptance of what is, of form, of history, of other people, of government, in the Now, is, and we must accept that which is Now, but that does not mean that we allow the situation to continue. The future is changed in the now. We can accept to allow something to continue if we cannot change it, but we can also step back, go away, and not be part of it.

We can change the future, or change our reaction to the future. We can only change ourselves a bit, and we can change our actions.

The serenity prayer says all this.

Mediation, the act of willfully directing our attention onto or off of something, can be used to really fathom these often heard, seldom thought about sayings.

Ego has been created by the mind to protect us. We can let it go. It is just what the world has told us we are. The reflection of the collective egos and collective super-egos of the world, not us. It is therefore, impersonal. As it changes, it is impermanent. Identification with ego is often the root of our problem. If our ego says eat food, we can say no. The ego does not have our best interest foremost in our mind. It is the third identity in our head. First is our very consciousness, second our thoughts, and third our ego. There is also our collective past, and our negative emotions when the arise, what Tolle calls the pain-body.

When the ego says eat, we, the mind and consciousness, can say no. We are a symbiotic relationship with the parts of our mind.  Emotions, memory, reason, consciousness, thinking, reason, scenes, the intellect, the creative part, each is separate and can be controlled separately by the consciousness.   How about that? and the key to control is identification, watching where the urges come from. Being awake, that is. Rebirth each morning. Do not exceed our natural cadence.

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