Monday, April 2, 2012


At this time, I am trying to reconcile living in the Now, satisfied with being, and the concept of a objectives in life. These two concepts do not seem compatible. One is about making decisions in the Now that will likely change the future, and in the other, there is no future or past in psychological time, but the future is changed in the Now. Chronological time keeps on ticking.

Is having a objective in life incompatible with being & Now? If the objective is general and not causing us to identify with the objective, it would probably work. If I do not identify with the objective, what will motivate me, the lazy lump that I am?

Is the Now, being, consciousness, the aware spirit, and watching our thoughts and emotions, connecting with being between thoughts, phrases, words, just a way of being alive, but not producing in life? Am I valuing achievement to much? I think these concepts have merit in non working - social- life, but what about in the identify need, design, compute, calculate,, build, test, implement world?     

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