Sunday, April 1, 2012


When we dive down the spirituality rabbit hole, we never know what we will come back with, if we will come back, or where we will come out. What a trip.

The first thing that struck me is that there prerequisite concepts that we need to clearly understand in detail for the next concept to have a impact. But what is the order? It seems there is no order, it is a spiral, just keep going around and around until we get it, but not quite. Some of the authors take the time to define a concept or two as they go, which helps a lot.

I have been reading Tolle, Brown, Mat√©, Kabat-Zinn and Gunaratana. All reference the same basic concepts, but do not use the same words, and imply different properties on the same things. Combining all five creates a unique look at spirituality, secular spiritualism, and the process of reaching the point of understanding what it is all about. Some is just not right, for there is disagreement, but at this point, I will take that which I can feel/perceive as being most likely, and that which I cannot reach is just speculation.

Eastern philosophy attempts to 'dissolve' the  ego, while the west attempts to builds it, OA attempts to look at it, but Tolle understand it as part of the thought/intellect mind. Just cut it out of the process. It is impermanent, and impersonal anyway. The collective ego has imposed this whole issue on us. We can just let go of the history, and live freely, without concern for the future. We can be authentic people. It all come down to out natural cadence, and allowing space between our thoughts, and seeing the life in others.

It is pointless to study the pointer, but we must understand what is being pointed too. The words are just pointers. Aha sure. We are all just shape shifting monkeys anyway. The human animal developed awareness and it all developed from there. I which you all a happy April 1, 2012.

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