Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Errors in thinking require change causes me to act like the sage again.

Before change can happen, we must recognise that the leading cause of our issues are some piece of our thinking is not current with what already is. Yha ok. We are not accepting that what is. The Now. Or there is an error in our thinking, our expectations. We think that we should be able to drive at the speed limit without being passed, cut off, our lives endangered. What we need to know is 20 to 50 percent of the drivers on highway 63 are high on coke, or other drugs that cause aggression (adrenalin), and lack of consideration of their safety, or anyone else's. On other road the percentages are less. Rushing causes adrenalin, aggression, lack of caution. We just need to let the wind blow, and the idiots blow by, just like the wind.

Any person, place or thing that is, is, and cannot be changed. We can change the future only in the now. That is to say, we need to act now to change the future. It may be, we just need to change our thinking only, lower or abandon our expectations, for they are just delusion, or collective egos, or collective superegos. That makes them impermanent and changeable.

We have the technology to stop speeding, or to tax it to the point that it will not be done. We can impound the vehicles for collection. The government have the power to in act draconian measures to end the problem, but lack the political will to do so, and the media just bitches. It never offers solutions. We now have the technology to map every inch a car is driven, and tax ever excess, rolling stop, illegal move, speed, or anything else. We just lack political will to do it.

The government also lacks political will to deal with the obesity problem effectively, because it will cut food sales, especially sugar in all forms, grain sales, processing, and create unemployment. It would impact the chronic disease treatment. The health industry depends on sick people. Without them, drug sales would decline, the health industry would shrink, as would tax revenue, and the whole government Ponzi scheme would fall apart. Poor health, and the demand for health care is the major driver of our economy. But, what do I know.       

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