Sunday, June 3, 2012

Serious Condition

For me, overeating is a serious condition. I need to take recovery seriously. It is a matter of my life or my death in the long run and quality of life in the short run. If I am going to survive long term, I have found no other choice but to follow the program. I am powerless over compulsive overeating. Compulsive eating is a behavioural issue.

OA is an essential portion of recovery, fostering a change in attitude, a change to a more spiritual thinking. It puts more space between impulse and actions.

Food is a friend, foe, and a minimizer. It must become just a source of energy and nutrients. Nothing more. Pleasure should not be associated with eating, but it was. It was one of my few pleasures.

Also, I need to know about food and the physical aspects of food addiction, to avoid chemical addiction, a substance issue. There are many physical food issues that come into play as well.

Three moderate meals each day is the aim. This is what I must do for life. It is essential to follow this. (Acceptance of NOW, that which is). Go away minimize(s).

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