Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moreism (Olivering)

Greed, wanting more has been trained into us from an early age. I grew up with parental fear of not enough, no enough food, money, in general great fear of not enough, just fill in the commodity.

That desire has been enhanced by the media through advertising, marketing, and the ongoing pressure to consume. Rebellion time, turn of those radios, TVs, and go offline. Yeah sure, well maybe just TVs and radios.

This attitude may be what is creating the craving, moreism is part of my nature, as Oliver in Dickens. Letting go of greed, moreism, if you dislike the wood greed. Greed, in my mind, is usually associated money, flash cars, property, not minor items, but it is essentially greed.

Enough is enough, the greed attitude must just be let go of, as it is part of ego, desire, all part of the mental construct, protection of self. That is all there is.

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