Friday, July 20, 2012

Obesity disease?

Is obesity a disease or not? this post is a result of

I doubt that it is a disease also under current definitions.  It can be at least a disorder, compulsive behaviour in some cases, an addiction to the sugar through the dopamine channel, to wheat through the opioid receptors, to carbohydrates through insulin/blood glucose channel, and possibly other ways.

It is also a personality disorder, in that we are making choices that are not rational, like other drugs, alcohol and like. It is often paired with other personality disorders, mental issues, OCD, or at least obsessive compulsive characteristics.

Some portion is apathy, indecision, confusion, lack of information and too much information, how to sort the information, who to believe and who to reject. It is being influenced by ignorant misleading media, being a sucker for mis-information. In that respect, it is a too trusting personality characteristic, which in these time has become a personality disorder we would be better off without.  

Becoming teachable and willing to change actions, opinions, beliefs, concepts, values, has been essential in my recovery.

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