Sunday, July 15, 2012


Haroldism: When you pray for potatoes, you had better not be afraid to pick up the hoe.

So how do we separate our part and gods' part. We need to do the foot work. The outcome is gods' work. So much of life is just work, dig the garden, plant potatoes, weed, hill, natural fertilizer, bug killer; and the out come, god get the praise and blame.  But if we miss one step, it is all on us. No wonder we, the people, have lost faith in god, he is just a concept. God is a concept that explains uncertainty, random chance, acts of others, acts of nature, statics and random chance, and all those other things we do not know, or have not learned.

Today there was a bit of discussion on the issues of OA take on Tradition 9, and the resulting disintegration from delisting. How is insisting on a specific food program or behaviours any different than non smoking meetings?

OA has a bunch of control freaks that insist they are right to insist on no other requirements, but are happy for the organization to cause people to go away due to there insistence on of  no specific food programs, no special meetings.

Why can OA not accept that anyone who deals with compulsive overeaters, sugar addicts, wheat addicts, blood sugar highs, omega 6 highs, may only want to associate with the group that they belong to? and that recovery can come faster when they identify their specific problem. And what about those undereaters, anorexia, bulimic and the like?

Oh well, we will survive, or not, it is not up to me.

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