Thursday, April 4, 2013

So what is god?

So what is the god that I believe in?

First the word 'god' is a handle that is attached to a concept. Existence may not be a valid property of any concept, as it has non-corporal existence at best. So it is the concept that is in question. The simple logic, if there were a god, it does not act, for how could something good allow the atrocities that we can see. This to me is overwhelming evidence that god is powerless to do physical action, and is a largely religious concept that has been sold to the people as a substitute for knowledge and philosophy to deal with reality.

Death, the great end of all, is the ultimate reality, and it is the end of the life force. It is like a light, where does the light go when the light is off? When we are, death does not exist; when we die, we are not, so death does not matter. Things are either worse than death or better, and we can sort them. We should try to avoid those things worse than death, ok.

To me, god is the concept of all, all life, all material, all beliefs; so I am part of god. The human animal better part is reason, and nothing should be done without good, known reason. The stoic sage is the ideal, I think. All else sort of follows from this start. The emotions fall off, life becomes simple. God's will becomes human survival and reproduction, sorting and transmitting of true knowledge, and squashing false beliefs.

But what do I know? 

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