Thursday, April 25, 2013


Temptation. What is it in us that is appealed to that causes the desire to eat when we are not hungry, but food is offered or available? Does it mater it the food is real or virtual, as in the case of advertising?

Something raises an urgent want, a desire for, in this case food, so how can we kill the temptation?
1. Think of it as a evil, a poison, an undesirable, a fate worse than death.
2. Think or picture it (the offending food) with a salamander or a garden slug, leaving a trail of slime on top of it, or  of swallowing a live toad or something equally disgusting.
3. It is our involuntary memory that is causing the problem, and we can replace that involuntary memory with a voluntary ugly thought. Pig mature, there is nothing much more disgusting, as I was raised on a hog farm.
4. It is desire that is the problem, as the Buddha, and the Stoics noted. Or does that give rise to the problem? Or is it the memory of the last time that gives rise to desire, or is it just desire that is the problem. Or passion for emotion of desire, of a longing for something, a habitual grasping for something, to satisfy one more time, a yearning, a longing for... I do not know.

Any ideas folks?

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