Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Endorphin Addiction

If it is endorphin addiction that so many of us struggle with, it is a low endorphin level that causes us cravings. Exercise raises endorphins, so exercise should help. Sugar pushes endorphins from the gut to blood, and hence to the brain. Protein provides the peptides and fats that endorphins are produced out of. Stress and cognitive discord burns through endorphins. So then the problem becomes to few endorphins, not to many. Eating supplies the needed endorphins, and the gut produces them, but is it through working the digestive tract, as exercise? if so, raw foods would be better.

Perhaps I should do exercise rather than eat, when I get cravings, but eat when I get hunger, but can I reliably tell the difference? 

So is recovery all about providing the stewardship of diet to regulate our endorphin levels, and weight is irrelevant? 

What do I know? 

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