Saturday, July 6, 2013

Recovery outline

Smart uses a four step process; motivation, dealing with cravings and urges, problem solving (emotional, behavioral, feelings, thoughts, money, relationships, health), and life balance. Peele adds more on motivation, that is exploring our values in depth, and levering additional motivation off those values. 

Now we can list what our issues are; and in my case these are addictive behaviors or could be described by any of the following handle, each handle points to a specific problem:
  1. compulsive overeating
  2. behavioral addiction
  3. anxiety/stress overeating / depression overeating / poor problem solving
  4. emotional / comfort overeating
  5. temptation overeating / low impulse control
  6. isolation comforting overeating / social anxiety / personality issues
  7. social overeating / peer or family pressure / family feasting   
  8. environmental overeating / living at a smorgasbord situation
  9. chemical driven food addiction 
  10. Natural appetite level
  11. Vitamin or \Mineral deficiency, or low inositol, glycogen, ....
  12. Low/high dopamine, serotonin, endorphins level, receptor issues .... 
  13. Love of food/eating (desire) is greater than our desire to not eat and be normal size... precontemplation stage, or relapse to precontemplation stage... 
 So get out the shotgun approach ... eh... now what if it does something but not enough... And then there is an over driven natural appetite level to explore.

But what do I know?   

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