Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Low impulse control and overeating

One of the items that appears to drive overeating or contribute to it. Consider the situation at a smorgasbord. Wonderful table of food at which you have paid admission to, nothing holding you back. Now if you (I) have low impulse control, what is going to happen? Are you (I) going to get my money worth? You bet. So what is the solution. One is to avoid smorgasbords. But that is just avoiding the problem. 

What ultimately the problem? is it low impulse control or too much desire? Too much desire is one that need a look at first. Do I have willpower in abundance, when I get fixated on something? you bet. now what? Until recently, as a society, we learned to deal with desires by abandoning them because they were unreasonable. But not in modern times, as a society, we are full throttle at satisfying our desires, not letting the desire slide off and be lost. That is a potential a problem, excessive desire. 

Now through history, desires have been a problem. The old Stoics, Buddhist, and lots of others have warned against desires getting out of control. Is the desire for food the primary problem? How does one let go of desires? One way is to name them as unreasonable, and counter them with another an action, walk away from the food. 

Other concepts of limited menu may also be useful. This needs more thought.     

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