Thursday, August 21, 2014

KK draft solution

I have spent the last year studding cravings and attitudes, along with Stoic philosophy, which has taken my mind off in a different direction. I have found solutions to many problems but unearth more problems without solutions.

Work is one of those necessary functions that we must endure some of the time, or we can change our attitude, desires, values, beliefs to whatever it takes to make work satisfying and enjoyable. The trick is in changing our attitude, desires, values, beliefs to something that works, and is compatible with our genetic makeup, and our current personality. The problem is in figuring out what needs to be changed in us. Occasionally we may be able to change our environment, but not often. We may need to accept the situation; people, places, things, who inhabit our world.

Our belief system can be used to separate what we can change and cannot change, what we are willing to change, and what we are not willing to change. Development of our belief system is important, along with understanding what needs to be changed and what processes will lead to suitable change.

Eating issues are the products of numerous things (log normal distribution), including expecting to get too much out of ourselves, expectations of others, of things, and expectations in general. We will always fail unless we have automatic obtained goals or expectations.

The wage slave solution can be improved by: the goal is spend x hours at y. Satisfaction is easy to achieve.

But what do I know?    

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