Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Attitude of enough

Recovery is really about a change in attitude. Successful obesity recovery may be as simple as going from a deprivation attitude after a metered meal to an attitude of enough. It is all about learning to control our attitudes.

In the Enchiridons, Epectitus is quoted as saying "the things we control include our judgements, our impulses, our desires, aversions, our mental faculties. Attitudes are not specifically listed but it is likely lost in translation. We can manage our attitudes easier that desires. We just need to strongly believe and affirm the correct proposition. I have had enough already. No more feeling deprived of food. Enough is enough already. It is just as those who take pages to say something but never gets to the take away message. An attitude of "enough" can go along way to correcting the obesity, once we learn to give up all processed foods.    

I realized that an attitude of "enough" already can go along way in relief, especially if we apply it to food.I have never seen that stated in any diet book, or self help stuff. We are in control of our attitudes, - those automatic thoughts that we run our lives by.

Apathy, I just do not care, is another good one for relief.

These may define Autism spectrum with it's limited interests, difficulty communicating, and social awkwardness.



Wisewebwoman said...

As an addict it is a word I had to practise and eventually mean.


Comforting. Still strange on my lips but it carries me through.


FredT said...


Comment to self:

I need to make more effort at answering or at least acknowledging comments as part of the change process, without becoming one of those people who must have the last word, habitually.