Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Home again, finally.

It has been a long summer, too many miles. Is it finally back to a routine?

First from around the web more expert bullshit: 

Caused: well maybe not directly,  but they often have a major hand in creating the situation where the trained in habitual response was overeating. Much of overeating is trained in, and becomes habitual. We then, as adults need to overcome that early training. Not an easy tasks when overeating/overfeeding becomes cultural. We need to step back from our culture to overcome this problem.

I am not saying they are to blame. We may not have learned what they intended to teach, but overeating is what we learned. It is our first time through life, as it was our parents, but they had a hand on the wheel also. Nobody understood the ditch was there. It was a accidental result of unknowing collaboration, but to hold them blameless is a bit untrue, however, coming from an expert, who is dependent on a parent to select them and pay the bill of any child with eating disorder, I can see why they would say that. Overeating may not be the disorder they are referring to, but it is the most common.

Now on with recovery; the act of living well while not falling back into the habitual / cultural / part of this disease, while living with family in our native to us culture. Not an easy task.

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