Saturday, September 27, 2014

Circuits of Overeating

after reading , it is obvious that a review of the other factors should be conducted for the sciences.

There are a number of circuits involved in the overeating process. These include but are not limited to:
  1. insulin  and glucagon
  2. ghrenlin
  3. leptin
  4. dopamine
  5. sertonin
  6. and for the ladies, two additional reproduction circuits
All these circuits drive overeating, and there are no healthy circuits that inhibit eating. The best that we can do is absence of drive. There may be some short term discomfort from overeating, and lots of long term issues with the result, obesity.

One bite, one taste, of food can reset the insulin drive to full on. No snacking, only three meals per day may be the easiest. 

Now for a bad part; with overeating we need to go through the action >>> maintenance stage of change (DiClemente, Change for Good) (summary: three time each day. There is no such thing as long term recovery; we need to eat to survive. That is likely why eating is such a driven circuit.

We never get out of the cycle.

Reward can be a short walk, taking us from in front of the food something else.

Is there any interest in exploring the science of recovery? 

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