Sunday, September 28, 2014

What do you believe?

Know yourself question

Are you an abstainer or a moderator with respect to food?

What do you believe is a massive question, yet can produce tremendous relief.  Now lets consider that stressed irascible ill depressed feeling that many of us suffer from time to time. What is the cause?

Well lets look at what the mystics and other old wise have said.

Buddha... the cause is expectations, desires, aversions.
Diogenes... believing the false values of civilization or society.
Epictetus / Rufus... some things are up to us, somethings are not. If we place value on the things  up to us, we will suffer. If we do not value the things that are up to us, we will suffer.

Is there a common theme here?


Karen said...

Hands down, my biggest peace in life has been to abstain from almost all (99%) of processed sugar and all grains.

I also abstain from dairy, nuts and legumes, too. But people freak out over the grains and the sugar the most.

I stopped going to church 2 years ago. ( I still believe in a HP, but I take time to myself on Sunday AMS).My minister friends could care less... all they want to know is how I can get by without eating bread with a regular meal. Abstaining from bread is a bigger deal than going to church. Fascinating to me...

FredT said...

Hi Karen:

Thanks for commenting.

Unwilling to give up a food is the essence of addiction to that food. I have not had wheat, bread of any kind, since 2008. My biggest problem now is that I eat too much. But those who express a inability to give up wheat are people I do not willingly eat with. I still use trace amounts of oats occasionally.

I have never had a religious person ask why I left the church I was raised in. They just do not want to know. The interesting part of all this is I now know what I believe, and that is what is most probable. We need to impose a purpose on the otherwise meaningless and empty void. Nature tells us to survive and reproduce. Nature through providence or fate selects who will survive. It works as a god, HP, science. To me, the word "god" is just a pronoun for my beliefs.