Saturday, September 20, 2014

What will you do for recovery?

When I started around the program, I was desperate. Everything was new and I was interesting in studding it all. Of course, that was 2x (or should that be 20+X) years ago, when I was less old. I explored my belief system and and separated out what I believed and knew from all the crap and lies I had been told to believe. You will never believe how brainwashed I had been, through my youth, and early working life. That was all interesting and fun, but now that I have started to rebuild my belief system, I have all this spare time. Much things that I thought important are just time burners.

To me, within program, god is a pronoun for a belief system. What we believe is not of importance, but it may be better if it is true. We people range from the empty, meaningless futility of purposeless existence, to the human has assumed a purpose, and goes out from there, with all his finite daily energy, to fulfill that purpose.

Today I was out training future "potential terrorist" to shoot arrow or darts with a recurve bow. Some ass-hole within government, with their infinite wisdom, has decided we may be "training future terrorists", and now we need to "justify our actions in training".  We are just a volunteer club with a 24/7/365 day  20 yard indoor range. How re-dick-u-less petty is the public service anyway? 


 What has this all got to do with keeping busy where food is not. It is just Epicurius statement on death: "were death is, life is not; where life is, death is not; what is death to a living soul (person); it is not (nothing). This is the toggle switch decision. A or B, one has nothing to do with the other; they are mutually exclusive.

Haroldism:  I will let you in on a secret; I was not always old.

Ok. Enough. OK. 



Wisewebwoman said...

I am quite sad at the moment. when I am this level of sad the food is very, very loud.

When I am deeply sad the food recedes and restricting thoughts pound around.

My hours are deregulated at the mo so this is partly the reason.

Whatever, your post resonated. And I thank you for the mindfulness of it.


FredT said...