Monday, September 29, 2014


Non-theist vs Atheist

The difference is simple. I, being a non-theist do not give a damn about what you think, while the Atheist thinks there is no god and that you should also think that way. Non-theist is in keeping with the Prime Directive, for you fans. We do not interfere with other cultures. You can believe what ever shit you like.

We talk about pealing the onion, one layer at a time, until we get down to the authentic me. When I pealed it, I found a void, nothing, empty, meaningless void. So I adopted a purpose, to live as nature intended, to work for the good of all in ways that I found enjoyable. Personalty is controlled by our beliefs, and as such can be built up, one layer at a time. Tranquility - acceptance of all that is beyond my power, should be the first layer. Maslow's hierarchy of human needs gives some indication of the layering. Physical survival, and those issues comes first. Next Maslow put social, but I think authenticity is more important than social at this stage of life, then social and self realization fulfillment, but this realization is the fulfillment. It is understanding that our beliefs, which we have control over are the thing we test against for emotional control, satisfaction, automatic responses, and similar. Expectations, values, any cultural values we adopted, and the like reside in our beliefs, and hence within our power to accept, reject, or withhold judgement on. What freedom. We are steeped in our culture. When we put it down, and look, we can become separate and free of the society around us. They will not even miss us for the most part. We still can go to work, carry on life as before, if we wish, or we can do something else.

Are we slaves to money, as the government would like, or are we free? I say screw the government's desires, they do not care about me.
Do we control our wants to the essentials, and few non essential items, books, communications, and the like of utilitarian items?
Do we consider what is up to us and what is not?
Do we live up to our duties?
Do we shut down other's "expectations" of us?
Do we need to do a bit of retraining on those around us, to bring their expectations of us inline with our authentic selves?

What are your thoughts on this heady concept?      

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Wisewebwoman said...

As an apatheist - a definition I truly enjoy, but not my original word - I concur with your conclusions as to, basically, the meaning of a recovered existence.

I was late in finding my authenticity as I had many layers to peel, masked under multiple addictions.

Free at last.

For today.