Saturday, October 4, 2014

Acceptance - another Christian Concept

Acceptance - another Christian concept. Delving into stoicism/ skepticism ( the ancients)  and having delved into Buddhism, some concepts take on a flavor of the religion. Flavored philosophy from where they came. How is that possible, I here the skeptics scream. It is not so much the flavor of the religion, as the need of the people who believe in that particular flavor of brain washing. We are all unconsciously "brain washed" into believing whatever in our growing up, and until we clean up those beliefs we will tarry there.

Stocism separates what are our responsibilities are, for and against, what were are not responsible for in no uncertain terms. We need not accept history for it is fact, we cannot change it, we need not accept the future for it is not. We need to not accept stuff outside or us for it is not any of my concern. It is up to me to live in the present, without fear of the future, nor concern for that which is beyond my control nor for the past, as it is but history. To extinguish all desire to have or influence those things beyond my control is freeing. Acceptance is, as a result a minor part of my personal philosophy. Self acceptance of where I am at in my life, and acceptance that I live in an insane world, populated with crazies, is a different matter. Those are real, present and none of my business. Nature will just have to take care of herself.

What does this have to do with food issues. I personally am responsible for my behaviors, well at least the intention to act or not. The action itself may be beyond my control. I am responsible for my beliefs, habits, values. I am not responsible for those biologically driven cravings that grind on my mind (those primal lizard parts, that is body, beyond my control). At time the only reason to eat is to relieve those mind grinding cravings. Our personality and attitudes are built up by our culture, environment, and the like over our lifetime until we realize that. Now we can clean our beliefs, values and become a responsible for our beliefs authentic human being with purpose in our lives, whatever that may be.

In my working life, my purpose was "to provide information to build on", well at least some of the time. The remainder was spent figuring out what went wrong, and how to fix it. Some was done to support myself and my future. My future is now, and I need to fill this big hole in my life, time wise, that retirement has created, hence I have time to study this overeating problem. This study has led me here and there, good fun, sometimes useful information shows up, sometimes the information is less so. Some blind channels. Christianity looks like a misdirect. Oh well.

Personality is layered on top of the physical brain and learned skills and somewhere in that mix. If critical observation and analysis are there, we still have two choices, to chose not to analysis, or to withhold any comment. The automatic response can be silence, not for any reason than there is enough noise in the world. What can I add?


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