Friday, October 3, 2014


Now that we have met the triune brain, I will say there are three general or potential sources for the desire for food, a physical, secondly emotional, third - rational. That is not saying that there are only three sources. A few days back, I listed the physical causes.      So within the physical category, any one of these can be driving the desire to eat. Now how do we know which one?

Knowing the cause, it would be nice to remove the cause, and give relief.  Insulin / insulin resistance can be relieved to a large degree by going Low Carb, or LowBAG, low bio-available glucose. These plans are interesting in that they remove all sugar and grains, potatoes, rice, sugar rich fruits and similar sources of glucose, all processed foods, and hence return us to something paleo to primal type food plan. We need to watch for quantity creep, but they do remove the food desires. This concept helped a great deal in the beginning during weight loss. But all good things come to an end, we adapt to the lower glucose level, and insulin resistance grows. The desire for food returns, or is it from a different source? How does one tell? The only way to know the cause is to treat it, and if the problem is removed... maybe, we have found the cause.


Wisewebwoman said...

Low carbs, etc. I can intellectualize that but practise is nudder story. Shoulds haunt the halls.
That old reptilian brain of mine.
And immediate gratification.


FredT said...

That is a pig. Problem of immediate gratification.

Should are lack of decision, possible choices but worded in a negative way. Try replacing it with could. Decisions are not necessarily actions, as the old story, three toads on a log, 2 decide to jump off. How many are left on the log?