Sunday, October 26, 2014

Where to?

Where do I go from here? We need to start change at where we are. OK. So where do I go from here?
The problem that remains is lack of interest in doing anything. Most evenings I just want to sit, and the TV is on already. My eyes will not stand more reading. My body will not stand more activity. I have no sense of community, beyond a few hours each week, that is enough.  Other people seem to prefer time with others than me. Well OK. It has always been thus. It is likely my nature. Yous all are lucky, I did become more radical. Perhaps it is time to write a manifesto stating my beliefs.

Equality of all is a fine ideal, yet we are not equal. We have non-equal abilities, interests, skills, and personalities. Certainly not our earning potential. Knowledge was, at one time, worth something. Now with internet, not so much. It is only valuable if it is very specific, and is salable. If nobody is buying, tough. 

It is the outliers in personality that have issues, yet there is no method for identifying and correction of those personality characteristics that cause isolation. Isolation results from the lack of social contact, as those of us who were trained to survive alone, in isolation, may have personality issues. When it is more comfortable to be alone that to be abused by others, we will stay alone, more or less. So which came first, the personality issue or the isolation?  

So this is the dilemma. Lack of interest and isolation. That which I am interested in, the mob is not. That which the mob is interested in, I am not. A Stoic description, but it fit me.

OA and AA is a religion in my opinion. To me, it is only my opinion that matters in my decisions. AA is dependent on faith, has rituals and tradition, a set of beliefs, and is resistant to change or correction when parts are demonstrated to be wrong. Belief in a god is just wrong, it is a wrong concept, but we need to have a belief system. Belief in a rational human system would be better,  but that would require cooperation and submission of some concepts. It would require time and study, and in the end, does anyone care? Some will understand, some will not. So what. Carry on.

That is not to say that OA/AA is not without value. The steps describe some of the processes many of us need to go through to clean up our lives; yet it includes a god concept, that is not needed but the overall message is simple enough to teach to the masses. Programs do promote a sense of community, but a unchanging devotion to a system which I struggle with because of the god concept and the limitations placed by the program meme. It must hold true to the meme philosophy. Perhaps I need a new life meme.

What is needed is a understanding of the processes required; a summing of AA/OA, psychological, SMART, Peele, DiClemente, Stoicism, and Buddhism processes to under one hat or tent.

We would then understand a bunch of concepts useful for life
  • What is up to us and what is not up to us
  • Living by nature, rationally, with virtue, 
  • Temperance in all things and pleasures
  •  Life in the present time, present moment, our relationship with time
  • Consistency, all day, day to day
  • Contentment and satisfaction, joy
  • knowing that all mankind are born to cooperate
  •  a sense of community, 
  • equality of all, 
  • gratitude for life as it is, 
  • an sense of wonder,
  • within our priorities. 
There again we need to understand our precognitions, what we now believe, and clean out the garbage.

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