Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a course of vigorous action

When BB (pg 63) says we launch into a course of vigorous action, it is not referring to going to the gym ever day, but that might do us good anyway. We are by now set up with a new belief system, perhaps an new judgement evaluation system of adequate impressions, perhaps we have learned to look at our conversion matrix, cost benefit analysis, life plan, or rely on our god concept, whatever, we have a new way of thinking about life and life situations. Perhaps we even have new ground rules, and a bit more knowledge of our problem and the solution. Regardless, we need to develop and more importantly implement an new program of vigorous action. 

OA has adopted an action plan, SMART a push to living a balanced life, what ever that may be. In the processes of change, we have an action stage, and until we can live in recovery and maintenance, we need to salivate around the action stage, just like a wet mouth hound with a inverted smile of drool. We need to want it, that is the action. Idle time is the devils playground, or something like that to you bible thumpers. The BB has a whole chapter (into action) on how we can abuse ourselves, or we can just get on with life.

We need to understand what our role in society should be and get on with it, at least between meals. We can choose, it is our plan that we must ascent to, or you can stay in bed, warm, and not do the work of a human today. As we trudge the road of happy destiny, I am sure more will be revealed. This suggest that we need a concept of our future, or a plan, a purpose in life of some kind to act as a driver, whipping us into action.

but what do I know.

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