Sunday, July 6, 2014

Adrenaline Junkie

Is the whole overeating problem adrenaline issue? Perhaps I live in a manner that produces high adrenaline, and the overeating is a way to take the edge off in the evenings, or should that be of an evening, Joice? Or is it the other way, that I eat to cause adrenaline?

Sugar, the fructose portion and insulin are all sedatives. Glucose make the blood glucose higher. This is a known. Dr. Lustig says that we insulin resistant sugar junkies do not get sugar highs; we go on the prowl for more sugar. This sounds like me, if not on the prowl, the desire for more all the time. It is not hunger, just a craving that seldom goes away.  Oh well.

So what is a potential solution. Never get my adrenaline up. Can I be disinterested in most everything?

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