Friday, July 25, 2014

Changes in our beleif system

Recovery is as much about changing our belief system as anything else, once we get free of the addiction and physical forces that drive us to overeat. It is the changes in our belief system that tell us to only eat moderate meals three times each day, nothing in between, and live this day without fear of the past or future, without resentments, worry, concern for the future, and keep our mind on that which is within our power.

Having said all that, we need to define what is within out power, and our prime principals we live our life by, our priority list of principles.

First, I will say that this is my opinion, and I have no right to force my ideas on others, just as they have no right to force their opinions on me. Parents should be aware of this. My "childhood" was ugly, and this was not the opinion of my parents, as projected from there actions. It is not the way of any religion, including AA and OA. We are free people, able to make our own decisions. The most important part is likely being able to express the reasons for our decision/opinion. The reason for this statement is freedom to choose, and our resistance for others pushing there opinions or way of life on us. Freedom is only possible this way, not with imposed rules by others.

Life must be in accordance with nature, yes, but if it is not within nature, it would not be possible. Nature allows or permits anything, so what is right and what is the ultimate test? All humans should be equal, that is the basics of the golden rule, do unto others as you would they do unto you. OK, that is the foundation to start fleshing out this philosophy a bit more.

What is important? Virtue. Justice. Duty. Responsibility. Prudence. Temperance. Courage. Perseverance. Rigorous honesty. Silence, ignoring some people, questions. Freedom.

What principals are meaningless, or irrelevant? Honor. What other people think of us. What society says, or does.

We do trade a bit of freedom for security. How much do we trade is up to us. Devotion to a education, to a company, for pension - if it actually happens, we will be lucky. We see all those iron workers who's company used there pension to buy time to bankruptcy. Job gone, pension funds gone. Old. Now what?

Where does pleasure rate in all this, and what is pleasure? Certainly the absence of pain, emotional and physical is a preferred thing, but this can be had but separating out that which is in our power from that which is not, and using our ability to chose only within our power, to limit our desires to that which is within our power, and to ignore that which is beyond our power. That which is beyond our power is none of our concern. Pleasure can be gleaned from the small things, an arrow well shot, or an arrow just shot without concern for it's final location. A weed pulled. A dog happy. A nice cup of tea. Simple. A sunrise seen, or a sunset. The time to think, watch, observe, and contemplation of action taken or not, or future actions possible just to agitate the loud mouthed young punk.

After we decide what is important in life, for us and others, we can go on to construct that life in the future. The past is done; evaluate the value of the lesson, remember the lessons if it is of value, and move on. Bradley is just a young loud mouth yappy punk with opinions on everything, his opinion is just an opinion, and it without much consideration and largely based on his wants, likes, dislikes, not on the value to others. It is noise.

Ah, but what do I know?    

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