Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Comments from my other blog  http://philosophyofweightmanagement.blogspot.ca/ made me need to explain more of my situation. Tradition 2 also states we have a duty to tell other of what we have learned.

Distraction - other activity - is a management tool that works as long as we can maintain enough desire to do the distraction. Work was mine for years. Then I retired... Now I need a cure. Now I need to understand this problem. AA, OA, RR, FA, FAA, HOW, ACORN, SMART,,,, and most of those others do not understand the issue, but have devised belief systems, that "if you believe this and do this, your problem will go away." Well, it has not. Why? because it is a physical problem in my case. All these programs do is beef up the psychological ability to deal with the problems. They are addressing the wrong problem, in my case. This is why they work for anyone who can believe without proof, without logic, without reason. These things are religions.

Jack Tripp, in the second paragraph get the AA message wrong, we are powerless over alcohol, meaning - if we consume it, we will want more- not over the choice to drink. Choice is all we have. You can choose to follow a program that works for others, or you can go elsewhere. It was the only know solution at the time. That is Jack's ignorance of the AA message. Bill wanted to say we are willpowerless but that is not a word. (see AA comes of age, or was it in The Vicious Cycle, Jim Burwell). The big book was edited by committee in effect.

The word "disease" was used to bring it into the doctors realm, so that treatment could be funded. If you got a better word, use it. It is a natural occurring condition that occurs after some to considerable overindulgence in some people. What single work covers all that? Obesity is a fat storage problem. Overeating is a neroendrocrine issue. Learning to control our will is a philosophical mater, while learning to control our behavior is a psychological matter. So what expert are you going to turn to?  

We have free will, well, within our control and real choices. What our body dictates is not free choice, unless we can keep our bodies from "wanting". That is the diet hack, getting our bodies to want only what it needs. Will power can only hold up so long. We can transfer the decision to a different part of our brain by making a rule, and thereby change the food choice to a belief section or emotional section of our brain, give it more force. But if our body is wanting, we will soon be in trouble.

My overweight body wants carbohydrates as soon as it gets a taste of them. The only way to win is to disallow dense carbohydrates, something like Atkins induction or R Bernstein, (R not S, but S also may work). It does not matter which carbohydrate, but 30 grams per day is a few leafs. Else-wise it is a struggle. The worst part about all this is I am becoming more carbohydrate intolerant, and everyone is pushing carbohydrates. Acknowledging that carbohydrates smell or taste good produces cognitive dissonance, so carbohydrate is a sweet poison, bate to a trap.        

But really, what do I know.

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tess said...

you make some excellent points here, Fred!!!