Sunday, August 2, 2015

Effects of life in a delusion

What effect did growing up in a delusion have on me, and by extension, what effect does it have on others who have not yet seen that they are living in a delusion?

So there are two related problems, one living under a control freak, and secondly under a deluded religious control freak. 

What delusion? Well I grew up under a religious control freak, and I now realize that that was not healthy and is environment is not healthy to grow up in. Myths like gods, and religion should be eliminated. Youths need sound morals, sound logic, sound directions to plan a life at the same time allow passion for life to develop. Children are mortal, and some will be returned to where they came from, we must accept this, as it is the natural way. We must allow this to occur. We must learn to let go. It is health to do so.

Religions are run by man today. Going backward in time, we can see that in each generation, religions have been run by there generation of church elders, back to when the church or religion split off there ancestral religion. So in the beginning, additional myths or non-understood events were added to the population lour of the time and passed down. In the beginning of religion there was nature and there was man, as we had evolved to that point. Evolution carries on today, at about the same speed as before. That has not changed. We are animals carrying a brain. Nothing more. Our highest good would be to use logic, which is our directing brains main function, to advance society in some way. To do this well, we need to cooperate, and to live peacefully, to develop, expand or abilities, and most importantly, our knowledge.

Some of what we currently "know" is just wrong, and some of what we learn will also be wrong, and will later need to be replaced with "more right" knowledge. We frequently use mathematics and logic to model our knowledge (beliefs) and when these fail, we must be willing to let go of the delusions that were created. We frequently care other delusions, such as how life should be, but these are just delusions as well. Some will partly come true, most will not, so what?

Obesity is caused by overeating, mainly carbohydrates, and overeating causes the desire to overeat through a internal insulin - glucagon - glucose cycle, and there are at least five other groups of causes: physical, environmental, maladaptive behaviors, food knowledge, and food addiction. Until we get rid of all our delusions, we can live a free modern animals that we are and support or big brain. The god delusion is one of the big delusions to kick out.

The second is that our expectations can be forced onto children. Children must learn their own expectations, and develop the passion to go after their own expectations.I have seen time and again children with no expressed desire to do and achieve; I was one for many years. It is not good; children with expectations, and secondly a plan to get there, with the passion to see it through are the goal. The expectation, plan, and passion cannot be forced or directed very much; it must come from the inside, and likely for many may not be discovered in early life.

The best first step is to get rid of all delusions, expectations beyond our own control, and do a evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses as far as native skills. Use our native skills to our advantage. If we are not writers, do not stress over it, only write as necessary and then only when we have something to say. I hated writing reports as an engineer, but that has been my major product for most of my professional career. I enjoyed getting the information together to produce the report more, but without knowing how to right and write the report, there often would not be a solution. The client may not like the cost of some of my solutions, but then that is beyond my control.


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