Monday, August 31, 2015


How do we defeat the radical group? That is the ultimate question. I think one of the answers in the deprogramming of religion, and removal of the effect of religion. We cannot do this to just one religion, we need to do it to all religions. Morals are a separate problem, along with public behavior and driving curacy. 

Deprogramming is a fancy concept for learning to understand that which is, and is real, and that which is not so physically real. It is separating real from concepts, provable concepts from those which are less provable. It is illogical to try to prove something does not exist. It is logical to assume the non existence of the un-provable and if evidence or demonstration can be made then maybe.

What do we know exists? Man and nature for sure. Physical mater, the laws of nature, and all such things can be felt, seen, or can be demonstrate to exist as forces, and the like, but because we can feel things, in a non physical sense, does not mean they exist. Consider a god, any god. There is no evidence that they exist, or ever existed. We apply purpose on everything nature does, but purpose only exists in the minds of men. When something comes into being, man will find a purpose for it or not. It does not matter. Nothing in nature has any planning, planning is another man made concept. It causes expectations and delusion of how life should be. 

Ideas, concepts may exist or subsist, but are they true? Well each needs to be tested in current time. How do we test moral laws. First, what if it was done to us? Imposing an ideology on someone is not right. Trying to prove a point by logic is less offense, but it is difficult to change the mind of who will not listen. Showing them the logic is the only logical way, but there are the emotional among us who's eyes glaze over at a<b therefore b>a.


Man exist. Nature exists. Gods are bullshit, as are religions.  But what do I know?

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