Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reconstruction - coming out as an atheist or nontheist

There is no god, just man and nature. Accept that, if you can. It is not a belief, but rather an non-acceptance of other people's beliefs or concepts. Along the way other logic must be placed in where previous concepts existed.  

In the ongoing change process, it has become evident that man is real, nature is real and religion is not real, and is therefore bullshit. These videos raise some questions that Marcus Aurelius answers.

The first is what is our purpose on this big rock. Purpose is a man made concept. We can ask the question, but that does not mean it has a true answer. Nature is not forward looking beyond giving us each the desire to survive and reproduce. Marcus says lesser species are here to serve the upper, and man is here to serve man. We do better if we work together for the common goal of survival. Some of us do not like freeloaders, and we wish to give our offspring a advantage. Others just want to reproduce, and not take responsibility for there offspring. It is all just a numbers game, good offspring with a potentially good start in life, v. many offspring.

Morals is one area the religions claim to have superiority over, but that is untrue. It is just right to do right. Do to others and you would like to be done to also goes a long way.

Truth is the first fundamental of life. So if there is no god, how truthful is religion. If there is a god, it is up to them to prove it, for it is logically impossible to prove that something does not exist. Non belief does not require proof.

Being an atheist in this time is difficult. Family will stop calling, and some friends will avoid you and me. Oh well. It is difficult to listen to some religious people with there concepts of afterlife, hope, doing good for a later reward and the like. The big one is that earth was created for humans... bullshit. Earth happened, it was suitable for life and humans evolved and flourished. It is all about a flourishing population, without a purpose. But we humans need to apply a purpose, a reason for everything, and the most fundamental of beliefs must be true to flourish.

We humans are about 7.5 billion strong today. Somewhere between 100 and 115 billion of us have existed and returned to the recycle carbon system. Oh well, does it all matter?    

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