Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Coming out as a Nontheist

Religion is for those who cannot handle the truth. Starting at man and nature exist, where does that leave religion? Untruth? A belief system based on some supernatural concept? A comic book? All the religious texts are hear-say, or historical story's which may not be true, but may have shreds of truth interwoven. That is not to say it is all wrong, but there are bits of untruth.... so how do we separate the truth and untruths. It always seems to come down to separating right from story. The story does not matter.

This is the first and only time I am to pass through life and there is no clear instruction book for the non theist. Atheist are against theistism, and I am not against them, I just do not care about them any more. They can believe what ever kind of foolishness they like.

When I look at the likes of Spinoza, who equated god to nature and then talked of god to not offend the religious and did not like to be called an atheist, for that was considered to be offensive. If god is equal to nature, why be obtuse and call it god rather than nature? Nature is real, is easily understood as all that is real and all that is, what is the problem to say it is our nature to seek simplicity, truth and understanding. It is our first time through life; we will make mistakes, so what? Get on with life.

Religion have long been used as the soft approach to life and death. If you cannot handle the fact that one day you will die and be no more, just as it was before you, well religion has an afterlife. Can't handle a deprived and irrational parents? We have religion. No wait, those parents have religion, WTF. Can't handle reality? We have religion and hope. Religion does not teach self sufficiency, learning to live with what is. It teaches to live in dream world, with what might be in a dream state. Surrender to that which we have no control over. Bullshit. We have no control over many things, and we have control over some things. There is no need to surrender to anything that we never had control of, only the delusion of control. The world has run over us one more way; it is just more that is beyond our control.

At death, we end. If we wish to pass something on, we should do it while we are alive, and that should be a truth seeking philosophy. I wish to live in a real world, not a fiction world. Those that wish to entertain and create an imaginary world are welcome to do that, but I will avoid that as much as is possible. That is what I see religion as, as an imaginary world.

As Musonius said, if you want immortality, carve your name into a big rock. That is about the most immortality the average person can hope to achieve. There will be a few that do better at achieving immortality, but that is largely luck, providence, fate, and for a few skill, combined with luck, fate, the times, events, etc. 

Bullies bully, that is there nature. Many religions are bullies, and use bulling tactics, ostracization. (How christian is that.) Bullies do not like to bleed.  We can verbally attach them. We can use truth against them. We can use their beliefs against them, but wait, they do not believe strongly and only when it is convenient. They are not into self reflection except through there rose colored filters, so that is pointless. It is just best to ignore the religious and carry on. What is important is to teach the children truth, and the next generation will be on the right track.

Social skill are important for civilization, and I am concerned that all this electronic communication and isolation are eroding the skills of some, just as the isolation imposed of some in the past has caused slow development and social anxiety, as it is now described. But is it social anxiety, or is it just silence to the noise of bullshit. Ignore the noise and pass through without needing to sort out any truths is the path of least resistance. 

But what do I know?

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