Sunday, September 20, 2015

Human Animals

Are we social animals or a group of individuals who realized that we could do better in groups? Group sizes have grown to country size. Every now and then, a country size group decides to split and expel part of that group from the area. Civil war, but the split is usually ideological, even religion is an ideology, even if the religious have different name for it. Ideology is just plain stupid to kill over, for it is not real, but a concept. If you do not follow my concepts, I will kill you thinking. Control freaks of the highest order.

In reality, there is the world we live in, nature, and then there is the human animal. We are animal first, with our triune brains. We are big groups of individuals, each with our own ideas. There are those among us that try to sell us on belief systems, become a follower and stop having to think for yourself type schemes. We can be part of these and not even realize it. We can be born into one of these groups, grow and flourish in them, die, and the whole time not even realize this basic fact. That is the sad part of religions. In principal it sound great, but now we have a number of such schemes at odds with each other. We have religious wars mixed with Civil war in Syria and it is a mess. It is time to give up religion. Period. What else is there to do? Learn to live well and rationally, without religions. And stop killing each other.

We have reached a state of local overpopulation, and have been doing this for the last 100 years, resulting in migrations from political/religious oppression. In historical times it was more often food/water/economy type migration forces. In general, our world has become overpopulated in larger portions, and now much of the US and Canada are overpopulated, that is more people than the country can support. We have vast tracks of land where few can make a living in. Those that do live like the human animals that they are, not the economic adapted peoples of the world, but basic hunter/gather, but they also want the benefits of modern urban populations, yet are unable to generate the revenue required to buy those services from there undertakings, expect for resource extraction. OH well, this is Canada, and we in the South support the north, and natives, and welfare, and the health industry, and the processed food industry, but not the farmers.

But then what do I know?     


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