Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Clarity is the state of resolution when we come to understand. It is the process of realizing we have arrived at our destination, without knowing what our destination was or is. If we do not know where we are going any path will lead there; All we need do is stay on our current path and we will arrive.

It is that moment that we have, late at night, when the brain fog and distraction of the day have gone, when we know what must be done next, why, how, and the like. 

I have been examining "wheels of life" to see what areas I could work on, and to reevaluate where I would like to be when I die. and I am more or less there. Marcus Aurelius reminds us that life is a choice. As George Eastman said "My work is done." Now I have time to do an encore, if I desire, or not. I could just keep this place ticking over, and live out the remainder of my life. It is a time of great clarity, and a time of indecision. It does not matter, nature does not care what I do, or do not do.

Coming out as a non-theist has been interesting. Family has all but cut off any incoming contact; it is only me reaching out to them that occurs now. Oh well. Or is it just my bad attitude about some of this other shit that I do not want to know about? Or is it just the dull conversation that I usually go quiet and shut down, or is it just my attitude about sugar, starch, and sugar binges? Oh well.

It is clear to me that I need to get involved in something bigger than myself, that is engaging, has meaning, and a chance of achievement if fate permits. But what? That is the question. It should have a social component, perhaps something education for the youth. Perhaps a bit more archery coaching. I do not know.


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