Sunday, August 16, 2015

What exists?

We know man exists, and that nature exists. The physical and chemical world exists. What events are not explained by the actions of either of these two? Nothing; therefore, there is no need of a god.

Man created god to explain that which we did not understand. Oh well. Sometimes time, the bugs, germs, fungus, cancers, deterioration or other thing overcome human life. Other times it is vermin that gets us or vermin of another sort if you dabble in the drug industry. Oh well, the planet will survive. Even if man does not, the earth will survive or not. It will not matter to a living person at that time.

Religions frequently allude the world being here for our benefit. That is bullshit way of expressing how important we thing we human are. The world developed out of physical and chemical environment, and life evolved. All life is opportunistic, even plants, and will grow, spread, and reproduce where it can. Some will adapt to grow in what was marginal conditions. Evolution, as it continues today, is the best explanation, and seems to be a natural law, part of the logos, if you prefer. Words are such poor pointers to the concept that it is not fully described in the public lexicon; it maybe in some academic circles, but has not reached the public memes.

We have those vege philosophers that say we should not eat animals because it is wrong to kill, but try eating a turnip without killing it. Plant life is life also, just not animated. Oh, well, we are a opportunistic species, in fact can anyone name one who is not? That is another part of the logos or natural laws.

So do concepts exist? Stoics said these subsist, as a special case of existence. These concepts can be false, yet cause humans to act. Perhaps existence is the wrong property to apply to concepts, but rather consider them to be something like a computer program running on a machine, an organic carbon based computer with leaky memory, sloppy error trapping, random generation from biased seed, and faulty logic. To save time and energy, a look up table of previous decisions, complete with errors, are used much of the time. It also generates strong and non-rational passions that go around causing problems.

Our rational minds exist, but are seldom in control beyond learned functions. Is there a way to learn rational behaviors that we typically leave up to our unconscious mind? That is to say, a way of maintaining rational control all of the time?

That would mean nothing is done without purpose, and only with purpose does anything happen. If that we the case, with so many humans, the world would be cationic, unpredictable, just as it is.
How could we separate that which happens with an intended purpose and that which happens as a result of the unforeseen?
And once it happens, it is real and history and cannot be changed therefore we must accept it.

It is like the "you can be anything you want to be" psychobabble. Those things are like religions (all man made), just ain't so. These are things which just do not exist in a real sense, but just live on in the minds of men as memes.

But then what do I know?     

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