Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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To blog or not to blog is not the question, rather to care or not to care about the audience, content, and correctness of my thoughts. Does any of this really matter, in the short term; nothing matters in the long term.

I read a bit of philosophy, because some of it explains what was/is missing from my life, or at least what was important to various philosophers. Some is just not compatible with other philosophers. So does this make one wrong or just stubborn? Consider the question of free will, aka, do we have any? Epictetus states that we have control over our ability to make choices, our opinions, our likes and dislikes or desires and aversions, and the motivation to act, but not the actions. This give us control over our beliefs, and a few mental process outcomes and little else. So if we accept this as being approximately correct, then free will is limited to these small area of concern.

Yet we see that a philosopher has gone out and done a bunch of elaborate testing looking for free will outside of the area where, by inspection, free will can only exist in. Finding none, he has declared that here is no free will. Follow the money. He was paid well for the research and testing, and for the report, which tuned into a book. Now does that sound like atheists? First we must define god before we can say that god does not exist. We can find a god, and lots of evidence if we define go correctly, or no evidence, even evidence of non-existence if we provide a supernatural definition. So until you define it, the population can go either way.

The stoics defined god as nature and used the word god to define nature, and the logos, and could then talk openly about god, all the time knowing that there definition of god exists as nature, but to others the word means something entirely different. This kept them from getting hassled by the government thugs.Speaking of government thugs...

Today the government thugs carry guns, and while the proclaim to serve and protect, it is themselves that they serve and protect, but they too are part of society, so with clear conscious, they proclaim themselves as the serve and protect bunch of society. Oh well, shit happens. Anyone who makes them nervous gets shot, it is that simple. Avoid is the best solution. If that fails, strict adherence to there direction is the next item, but even then dealing with them is risky. Good luck with that if you are a bit colored or bearded. Oh well, itewajda.

All this and the real problem of the world is human overpopulation. Humans and US rats both have this problem.     

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