Friday, September 16, 2016

Going Forward From Here

To go forward from here is the only choice, for backward or laterally does not exist, stopping is hardly practical. So what does forward look like... Sustainable life style... sounds good but what is that.

Our own integrity and virtue is all we can really own, that cannot be taken from us easily, according to the stoics, the planners for a good life.  More than a pleasant life, but without the attachment of a meaningful life or purposeful life. I once knew a young girl, many years ago, who stated here purpose in life was to raise children and sheep. We can choose, we can attache our self to something bigger than ourselves, and thereby create meaning. But what if we realize what we attached our self to is a false profit?  like this poor girl . Oh well, itewjda (in the end we just die anyway).

Once we recognize that much of what we learned was just wrong, including religion, our belief systems, even about the financial system, politics, government, is just wrong; nobody cares much, they are just out for their finical gain mainly with a little residual benefit coming to us... and where does that leave we individuals.  We learn, that is the cost of doing those things... what ever they are.

We are all free to do what ever we like or not. That is the sad state of affairs in this world. We can try to sell whatever we like to anyone, and if they buy, it is cash for us, if they do not, to bad, so what. Delivery of the promised article is optional. It is just our integrity, or the lack of it that produces the requirement for any promised article actual delivery. Insurance is the prime example, where it is often necessary to sue the insurance company. And everybody loses.

So we have to chose only one at a time, but we may be able to switch:
  • a pleasant life 
  • a good life
  • a purposeful life
  • a meaningful life
  • other just for completeness
Now I need to make a move, and picking integrity/ virtue, leads to the stoic based life, and going forward means more of the same.

I have been attending humanist meet up group, and have concluded that most of those people are stuck beating on the religions, not on moving forward with their lives, and those who are, are not moving in the same direction as I am. So what is the purpose of attending? What is the benefit? little/none. Oh well, itewajda.

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