Thursday, September 29, 2016

Overkill vs Underkill

Too sensitive vs not sensitive enough?  Does it bother an addict to be called an addict? Once they realize we are addicts, we can start to recover. Without this recognition, we have a problem with no name.

There we have an academic trying to undermine an essential part of my recovery. Well meaning but ignorant of reality of recovery academic. The problem must be defined and a specific solution provided.

Overeating has many groups of causes and addiction to specific foods or specific digestion produces is just one cause. This same process is how we decide how much we like specific foods. Addiction is process of liking something more than we can control the intake, it comes to own us. It is likely only a small portion of the obese who have this issue. How much? I do not know, 5 to 10 percent, but then are some that lump addition with insulin overshot and say 75%.  

So does the food addict have a problem with the food? Well, there are various problem with overeating and some are addicted to the food, actually. This is two small groups; one hypersensitive to serotonin, and carbohydrates push a serotonin wave from the gut, and we become addicted to the serotonin rush. The second to chemicals in the food, traces of opioid peptides in gliadin containing grains and dairy products. These are true food addictions; the only solution is to accept these facts and quit using, aka eating these foods. Any food that contains opioids or digests to opioid peptides are a problem for some. Some are either hypersensitive or have more enzymes to break certain proteins into opioid peptides. Either way, acceptance of this is required before lasting recovery can occur.  

Does calling yourself an addict make a difference? Acceptance of the fact that we are addicted to these foods, and the only solution is to stop eating these foods, aka stop using, is the only solution. It is acceptance of this fact that makes the difference. We need to understand that we are addicted, that use keeps the desire strong, and weakens our resolve; we can never again eat these products makes the difference. Without acceptance that we are addicts, this would be difficult.

Some may not want to be addicted, and object to being called an addict, and they also face an added problem, a sociopathic personality issue of not being to accept reality. Oh well, I wish them luck with recovery. They will not develop the strength of character, willful stubbornism required to never again eat wheat products, even when wheat and dairy is in most processed foods.

There are many who deny that food addiction occurs. These are not helping the problem, and many of them are funded by the food industry. Oh well, we need to overcome a few obstacles and negative toward us people in our lives. This will require a certain stubborn characteristic to develop.  It come down to what do we need to believe to recover.

We need to be honest with ourselves, enough to be able to admit were are addicted to specific petites, add to make the decision to never intentionally consume these again. It is likely we will be misled into consuming these by food pushers, but we must learn to recognize these and recoil from them, as part of recovery. Oh well, itewajda. 


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