Thursday, September 1, 2016


I am declaring myself to be a realist, rather than the negative connotation atheist. I am not against anything, but am for realism, the separation of real from unreal, whether that is a belief in a god, life after death, rebirth, and anything supernatural. 
displays the problem of the connotation of a negative sounding word.

There are a number of ways of going forward from here, and adopting a sound philosophy, even cherry pick the sound beliefs from a number of different concepts and build on them. Positive Psychology outlines a number of styles of development; pleasant life, a good life, a meaningful life, a life of purpose. Pick any one, and run with it. The good life is essentially stoic concepts, while humanism is an outward looking bias of a life with purpose or meaning. Realism specifically picks on a purpose of that which is real, not anything unreal or supernatural, which all religions have in spades. If I cannot demonstrate it to be real, I am going to assume that it is unreal.  Oh well, itewajda.

I can call bullshit on anything this way, and not being militant, I can walk away, knowing that it and they are just wrong, but have no need to express that to them. It is none of my concern that they see a virgin Mary in a burnt toast... It is all in there head. I know that with enough mushrooms, we all can see anything in anything.

There is what something is and what we perceive in something, each may be wrong or right, producing four possible conditions of any something. Epicetetus ii, 18 or 28. It does not matter, for I can evaluate any something, and carry on. Oh well, itewajda. 


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