Monday, January 2, 2017


Have we evolved since we "ate the fruit of knowledge and were "ejected" from the Garden of Eden", or was that just the last big step in evolution? We likely had many small ones since.

The garden of Eden story suggest that life was good and food plentiful before we had knowledge, self awareness, and likely good memory. It is likely the Garden of Eden only existed in the fertile imagination of a story teller. It espouses that life was easier before we had knowledge. To know this would require accurate data to be passed down across generations without writing, which is unlikely.

I perceive that my life was easier the first forty years, for I was without pains of arthritis, the time to think and consider in the detail of today. For the first 14 years others were concerned about making a living. It was desperate when I look back. All this suggests that even in the bible the writer though that we had evolved from a human like form without knowledge. Oh well, it makes a good story. That is what the first art form was all about.

Now have we, as a species, just gone (or are going) through another big step in evolution as we discovered fossil fuels, steam, electricity, electronics, mass communications, and the like? Is the technology actually in the process of changing we humans? I expect that it has or will. We see the health situation changing extremely fast. We are coming up to a mass die-off, with major environment changes. It is unlikely we can turn this around. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.


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