Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year therefore Make Changes, but why?

New Year therefore Make Changes, but why? Tradition. Is tradition a valid reason to do anything?

Just because it is new years, is it time to make changes, and if so what changes? There are likely some things we can change in our behavior to make life simpler for ourselves or not. The cause that originally started us down those behaviors must also be looked at. If the cause is still there and our behavior is a coping method, then until we either remove the cause or develop a new coping method, lasting change will not occur.

Are we addicted to a negative feeling that we keep trying to recreate, or keep recreating? We have a coping method for that negative feeling, and it is familiar. But is that negative feeling a defense method for some insane situation we live in? If we grew up under authoritarian parents, or permissive parents, we cannot be well balanced. We will have developed coping techniques, defense methods, survival methods, that later in life are not suitable, or provide the foundation for personality or philosophical issues.

Below our emotions that we recognize are likely feelings that we cannot identify as clearly, and our surface emotion may be a coping, defense, or survival method. Parents do not know everything, some know little useful information, and especially if they will not listen to the problem completely. Also, they have the residual of there own misconceptions to deal with as well as cultural change. Most people have "personality or belief issues" left over from earlier times. Some are actively teaching wrong concepts. Religion. It is these "cultural collective" wrong concepts that cause much of the problems we see in society today.

There are always conflicts between concepts, beliefs, desires, and people. When one, as a child is continually forced to submit, to do what the parent wants conflicts will arise. I was forced child labor on the farm I grew up on. That certinally does not go along with respect for parents, support your parents, etc. It is all about perceptions and cultural standards.

It is impossible to teach correct science concepts without offending the religious, that is those that hold traditional beliefs, and use these beliefs as defense against rational and scientific concepts. Oh well, I am right on this matter. Religion is the cause of most of the conflicts in the world. The remainder are from cultures and overpopulation. 

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