Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Rise of Intelegence

In the last post, I talked about the the "fruit of intelegence". So when did all this happen?

How long do stories in the oral history persist?

Is it only ten or fifteen thousand years since we sapiens became self aware?

So the Jew/Christian were aware of the rise of intelligence. So is it the fifty thousand that anthropology suggests, so the typical less than ten thousand that oral histories suggest?

There are native North American native stories that tell of the great wall of ice in the Niagara region, which we geological types think 18000 thousand years might be the number, but then some of the archeologists suggest that the native have not been here that long. Others objects suggest that some skipped along the ice edge from Europe perhaps 25000 years ago, starting out from perhaps Spain. Later immigration along the west coast, and from Siberia also likely occurred. But these stories do not appear, or were these just normal events in the nomadic life style. Only the survivors tell the stories.  

Intelligence was not a rapid change but a gradual change, yet if a pair of intelligent got together, and produced two strong children every generation of 25 years, then in 40 generations, the number is greater than the worlds population. Our growth can be tremendous in a thousand years.  And our intelligence appears to growing slightly, or more correctly the amount of highly intelligence people seem to be growing within our population. But the medical industry is also keeping alive the less gifted and ungifted as well. Oh well, money talks, and when it is government money, no one ever makes an unpopular decision willingly since King Ralph of Alberta. 

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