Friday, August 24, 2012

Compulsive Urge and AOA +

I am using AOA + to identify agnostic (or atheist) overeaters anonymous plus science with added, and evolution of concepts, growing on those who have gone before.

It is my opinion that there are numerous issues that cause obesity/overeating, and each cause must be treated separately.  

Once we identify a component of our "disease" as a compulsive urge, how does the real world deal with those?

Well, Schwartz came up with four steps, relabel, reattribute, refocus, and revalue. AOA + would add identify the "compulsion to eat" in front of that list. OA basically does all these steps but without the specific labels: labels, attributes, focus, and values. OA does not ever realizing it is those items, not the "god" that does the trick. That is not to say that intensive moral improvement is not valued, but anything will do as an alternative to obsess about.

Here is a summary of Schwartz:

Binge eating definition can be found as a recognised diagnosis. But what of us who eat (or would like to eat, the compulsive urge) frequently throughout the day and evening, not much at one time, but 5 time 200 calories plus meals yields obesity... We have no diagnosis... We have a severe problem... Schwartz comes along and explains some of why the OA program works, and makes it much easier to "work the program until it works", once we understand what has to be done.

Is it time to start an OAO + program to spread understanding of the solution?

Schwartz becomes the "god" for a bit.

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