Saturday, August 25, 2012

Compulsive Urge directed at food

What if I have a compulsive urge directed at food? There is no net talk of such a thing beyond Prader-Wille. There is lots on emotional eaters; impulse, avoidance, protection, punishment, hedonistic, stress, etc. There is a lot of physical and chemical causes of overeating. But suppose I have a compulsive urge and it gets turned to food.

There is lots of talk about other outlets for compulsions or compulsive urge. Hypergraphia - compulsive urge to write - it even has a name. There is much of sex deviants, fetishes. Then there is onimania, shopping.

I am not saying that it is a large portion of the population, just the few grossly obese who were such as children before fructose and the chemical driven obesity issues, perhaps less than one percent of the population.

I have always been compulsive at most things, full steam ahead or at a stand still. That is the definition of compulsive. So perhaps it is the compulsion that came first, and it just got directed at food. Then it can be switched in direction through Schwartz, identify, label, reattribute, focus on something else, revalue method.

N=1 test I guess. Some time applying Schwartz, and review.

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