Monday, August 20, 2012

concept of ..... got me thinking... lecturing again... oh well.

I went through that kind of a process. Abandoned the do as I say Christian stuff was on of my best concepts.
The line that got me through is in BB 3rd ed, pg46, Our own conception, however inadequate... god is just a concept, nothing more. It is all about belief, not what we believe. It is about the assurance of knowing we are right, correct, and rigidity to those beliefs that gets me through life for the first time.

I believe mathematics, physics, chemistry, evolution- why not a set of as yet unknown rules to get me through these food/ overeating issues. I need to plan my way through life in general. (prayer and mediation) This is the first time I have been through life. For today, now is all we have.

I learned to meditate well enough to be able to feel the vibration of the air in my ears, and not interpret it as sound. That is the separation of the physical and mind. I studies Buddhism, and became a book buddhist- know it only from books. I read others, Tolle, Brown, jon kabit-zinn, etc, all interesting conceptions. For some, we are reborn each day as we awake.  but I digress.

Keep up the struggle, for this life is all that we have. It is the first time through so we are bound to make mistakes. In additions, there are many choices in life, and some are bound to put odd stresses on our mind and body. We are bound to get pulled off our pathway. Broken people get recycled.


Anonymous said...

"Broken people get recycled."

That's such a hopeful statement. Thank you for commenting it here and in my blog comments. Though I didn't respond to it on my blog (seeing as I am pretty-much on the road to relapse, holding onto abstinence by the tips of my fingers to program these days), I felt comforted by it.

Thank you for being part of the fellowship, fred. You're doing great service by working your recovery and sharing it.

Happy Thursday. It's a good day for group, for mini-meetings, and for having 24 hours to work program. Together we get better. Thank you for having your hand out so I could put mine in yours to release both hopelessness and the fear that I have to do it alone. Thanks for being a living, breathing reminder that the OA Promise is a very real part of recovered life.

FredT said...

Thanks. that is a line from Katie Melua, the flood.