Monday, August 27, 2012

email backlash

I wish to thank the individual who emailed me about taking the OA in vain and not staying strictly within the OA traditions of "OA and AA approved", and remind you all that OA is stuck, unable to grasp or change, that technology, social sciences, and our understanding of the human mind has expanded in the last 50 since OA was formed. Evolution of concepts is real, and happening.

I am just trying to get myself out in front of the curve, and help myself, any way I can. Hidden in all the information out there, the answer may be just laying there. Someone need to pick up and try all those solutions until we find the ones that work, even those that have placebo size effects. All we need to do is remove the cause of overeating, and the problem should go away.

The OA organization is stuck in a meme that sort of functions, but not well for most. Look at the turn over rate. Not many successes long term. Thinking must evolve or it stagnates and dies. If there is a simpler method of obtaining the same effect, I will take the simple method every time.

OA provides a social network of weight challenged people, all looking for a solution. Some are just not hanging around OA long enough to figure out if it works or not. There are at least 25 causes of  overeating... which ones are your issues? remove the cause, and the problem becomes small.

Many of us have more than one issue. I suffered from mineral and vitamin insufficiency, sugar addiction, wheat addiction, grain and dense carbohydrate intolerance, and compulsive urges. There may be more as well. Fructose, corn and nuts are big issues for some.

Some of us will not accept reliance on a god, for gods are just concepts. Belief in a god must do something in the mind however, since the belief seems to fix so many people. I want to uncover that "what it does in the mind", and pass that on. Until then, I guess I will hand around OA, or AAA, or AAA + or FA, until AOA + get up and running here.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it or drink the kool-aid. The choice is yours.

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