Monday, September 3, 2012

Wrong vs Right thinking

Perhaps it is step 3 that splits the chaff from the grain, just as the fan does, after the grain and chaff are split off by the straw walkers. Those who know will understand.

Made a decision to provide ourselves with other viable choices of activities, rather than eating, may one of the keys. This is the decision to refocus, in the Schwartz, that provides the answer. Look, there goes a gray feral cat! Just a touch of ADD. Oh well, life continues.

The program gives us other things to focus on, calling others, writing, reading literature, and those other tools. But is it something that we can maintain, year after year, one day at a time, or does it just become a boring grind, just as school and university became. Head down, nose to the wheel, just do it, for today. George Buxton got me through NAIT with "just for today" philosophy, because it works, short term, to get through those tough spots. After all, AA built a whole organization on that idea. But for long term life, it does not do so well. There must be enjoyment, else, soon, it will be to much.

Few can live with continual hunger, so we must find a food program that deals with our hunger. Likewise, we need to find a way of thinking that diverts that compulsion urge, from food to something else, hopefully beneficial, at least not detrimental. There is a fellow who has set out to do 15 million steps, but without a end date. With 10,000 per day as recommended by the Alberta Gouverment (spelling intended), it would take less than 5 years. A book also, I think. I suggest a title..."What I learned 15 million steps", (about food), joint the 200000 other "diet" books, and 200000 self improvement books in a time when the young are reading less, and great choices...

There is a need for practical basic information, solutions to the daily questions that we face in life, in a practical cook-book style, with explanation of why they work, and what the parts do, but that is for another day.

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