Saturday, September 22, 2012

is food addiction real?

Is food addiction real? Certainly, there is something like food addiction, and it goes away in about three days after we give up all those foods that we are "addicted" to. But some of those foods are hard to define, and I have struggled years, either unwilling to accept or not identifying the foods, partly due to believing some of the diet advice.

But once I identified and accepted that I could not consume specific foods, the hunger went away. So why am I now still doing the OA thing? Well, I recognize, that what I see as the solution may not last, and then there is the social aspects of the program. But the message I want to carry is one of abandon all exorphins and acellular carbohydrates, and learn what those are and what it is all about.

Or is all just chemical


Exo ( exogenous ) + endorphins ( endogenous moprphins ):
exorphins are the brain's opiates that's found in food, outside the body -- mainly in gluten-rich wheat and dairy-products. They contain opioid peptides-influencing endorphin-receptors. These peptides are physically addictive, causing dependence, asthma, obesity, apathy, ignorance and numbness. 
'Zombie food', is food high in exorphins that are responisble for food addiction and compulsive eating.

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