Wednesday, September 12, 2012


When did we, the human population decide that it was wrong to be hungry?

Have we always thought it, or is this just a recent development?

Being slightly hungry before ever meal would mean about the right intake of food. That can be learned, and become normal to be hungry for a while before eating.

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innerpilgrimage said...

I think it's less being hungry and more the entitlement-mindedness that we in the First World have the right to live without any discomfort whatsoever. That we are entitled to life in a fluffy cloud of hazy happiness and romantic comedy endings--where no one uses the bathroom unless it moves the plot along and food is but set dressing in our exciting yet happily-ever-after lives.

Me, I rely on my hunger to maintain my abstinence, and it's an interesting phenomenon. My hunger isn't just the textbook growling stomach. No, I get nausea sometimes--which makes the act of eating counter-intuitive. However, having lived as a pregnant woman, at least I recognize it as the same hunger signals I got when I had morning sickness. So I know to eat a little and let the natural hunger pangs take over.